Play Ideas

Children are constantly learning and exploring new found abilities. Sensory bins are a fantastic tool to help children develop and refine these skills. Through play, your child is discovering new sights, sounds, smells, and textures that are building a foundation for understanding the world around them.

Let your child lead and explore the materials in the sensory bin. Here are some ideas to enhance the experience.

LEARN about the different animals/creatures in your Wunderbox. What are their names? Where do they live? What do they like to eat? SafariPedia is a great resource. 

TOUCH the various items in the box with your child. Run your hands through the medium, feel the beads, gems, rocks, figurines.

TALK to your child about the different textures within the box. The smooth sand, the gooey water beads, the smooth gems. Discuss the different shapes and colors. 

ASK questions. Which dinosaur do you think eats meat? Do you think fish lay eggs? Do you know which animal makes milk?

LISTEN to your child. Follow his lead and prompt him to ask questions.

ENCOURAGE your child to use the fine motor tool (scoop, tweezer) to pick out all of the gems, shells, pebbles, flowers. Sort them by size, color. Count them.

SING songs or rhymes with your child. A "Slippery Fish" is a fun one with our 'Under the Sea' box or "Old MacDonald" with 'On the Farm'.

CREATE a story about the creatures/animals in the box. “Once there was a fairy who found a magical gem. When she rubbed the gem a genie came out and granted her 3 wishes.”

Maximize your playtime with our play ideas or just sit back and watch your child's natural exploration take form. There is no right or wrong way to Wunderbox!