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Venesa Sypniewski - Wunderbox Founder

My name is Venesa Sypniewski, mother and founder of Wunderbox. Like all moms, I strive to encourage my child’s growth and development. When I discovered the benefits of sensory play and introduced the first sensory bin to my toddler, her vocabulary exploded as she learned the new words for the textures she was experiencing. She became totally immersed in the small world that I created for her; digging, scooping, counting, pouring, asking questions and making connections. I was in awe.

I spent hours researching, shopping, and assembling more sensory bins for my daughter. Running around town going from store to store for all the different components wasn’t an efficient use of time. Let’s face it, moms are busy these days and we don’t always have the time to craft and curate these learning enriched and developmental activities, so the idea for Wunderbox was born.

Our mission is to provide innovative products that inspire growing young imaginations and celebrate the parenting journey one moment at a time.

Inspiring Imaginative Play

Wunderbox table-top sensory bins offer your child the chance to touch and interact with a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. From bright, cheery seascapes, to animal themed play lands, our self-contained bins are filled with sensory mediums, toys and tools designed to encourage fine motor skills, cognitive ability, language development and a wide range of practical skills through imaginative play.

Wunderbox creates thoughtfully curated themed sensory bins designed to optimize sensory play and motor skill development for your child.

Everything's included in our kits. They're closable, stackable, portable and leak resistant – all your child needs to do is play.