Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden


Your inquisitive toddler will have a ball with the Fairy Garden Wunderbox table-top sensory bin! As they dig their hands into the cool white sand and feel the grains run through their fingers, they’ll discover magical pink gems, smooth mushrooms and silky glass rocks hiding inside. The enchanted fairyland unfolds with endless potential for exploration and imaginative play. Encourage creativity and provide a safe place for your child to explore and discover!


  • Medium/Filler: White Decorative Sand (4 lbs)
  • Fairy Fantasies Safari TOOB® (6 figurines)
  • Fairy Garden Archway (item may vary)
  • Accessory box (Includes Lavender Pebbles, Pink/Champagne Gems, Flowers, Resin Mushrooms)
  • Closable clear bin with handle (14" square)
  • No mess plastic table liner (36" square)
  • 1 scoop
  • 1 cup
Not suitable for children under three years. Adult supervision required.