Wunderbox - Fairy Garden

A Fairy Garden is a magical place that inspires creativity and imaginative play. Children find fairies fascinating and relatable because they are small (like them) but can accomplish great things! Your child will love weaving endless tales about their many exciting adventures. 

Our Fairy Garden Wunderbox sensory bin has fine grain white sand that kids love running their fingers through. It's cool, it's gritty, it's silky. They’ll discover wondrous pink gems, colorful mushrooms, and craggy lavender pebbles hiding inside. Beautiful blossoms are ready to be plucked and enchanting stories are waiting to unfold.

There are so many things you can do in your Fairy Garden - here are some of our favorites!

  1. NAME the fairies. Where do they come from? What powers do they possess? Let your child's imagination run wild and see where it takes them.
  2. FEEL the cool, silky grains of sand. Let them flow from one hand to the other and describe what it feels like. Does it flow? Is it soft?
  3. FIND all of the gems, pebbles, mushrooms and flowers. Sort them by size, shape or color. Count them. Describe them. What do they feel like?
  4. TELL a story. What interesting Fairy Tales can you and your children invent around this magical little world? Watch their creative juices come alive!
  5. SING songs and rhymes about fairies. Thumbelina is a big hit at our house! Listen to the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies".

What mischief do your fairies get into in their Wunderbox garden? We'd love to know!

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