3 Tips for introverted parents raising an extroverted child

Does watching your child play tire you out? Do you find it exhausting trying to find activities to entertain your child all day? You may be an introvert trying to raise an extrovert. I can relate.

My daughter is a classic extrovert. Talkative, sensory-seeking and naturally expressive. My struggle is to balance her need for stimulation and social time and my need for quiet and alone time. Here are 3 tips to bring harmony to your introvert-extrovert, parent-child dynamic.

  1. MAKE TIME FOR PLAYDATES - Self play is very healthy for toddlers but for extroverts, being and playing alone for long periods of time tends to bring out petulant behavior. To meet their need for stimulation, they need human engagement and conversation on a regular basis.  For an extroverted child, alone time may not mean quiet time but independent activity should be encouraged none-the-less.
  2. SHOW DON'T TELL - Extrovert kids are action oriented and learn better by engaging with their environment. They understand the world better by doing. Involve them in your daily routine with age appropriate tasks. Have them scoop the flour and mix the pancake batter. Give them a dust cloth and have them wipe the baseboards.
  3. ACCEPT THEIR FEELINGS - An extrovert processes life externally. Frustration, anger, laughter and tears will be readily expressed vocally and through body language. AKA - drama queen! Let them know that what they are feeling is ok but, help them find an appropriate way to express themselves.

Raising children is a full time job and sometimes it can be hard. Don’t forget about yourself. Work with your spouse and family to get the time you need to recharge.  Balancing your child’s needs with your own leads to a much happier family dynamic.

Are you the parent of an extrovert? What’s your family dynamic? How do you find a balance?

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