Why We Love Kinetic Sand!

If brown sugar and wet sand were to have a baby, it would be kinetic sand. This amazing sensory product can provide limitless fun for both children and adults. You can mold it, squeeze it, shape it, cut it, pile it, squash it, you name it. Run your hands through it, scoop and pour it and experience the delightfully doughy texture as it seeps in slow motion from one hand to the other.

It’s so wonderfully weird but, what is it? Kinetic sand is made up of 98% pure sand and a non-toxic organic polymer. This combination allows it to mimic the properties of wet sand.  It sticks to itself so clean up is easy and it won't dry out! So go ahead, bring the beach inside.

Check out the video:

Kinetic Sand is featured in our Dinoland Wunderbox.

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