Wunderbox - Under the Sea

An underwater sensory bin is a haven for discovery and exploration. Sea creatures are so strange and interesting because they are so different from us. The octopus with his long, tentacled legs, the squishy mollusk hiding inside his shell and the starfish which is well, a star!

Our Under the Sea Wunderbox sensory bin features Jelly-Beadz water beads. With their gelatinous, wet texture and their vibrant aqua color, they make the perfect ocean medium to play in. Kids will love the cool, gooey sensation as they plunge their fingers through the “water.” They can search for hidden treasure with their little diver and weave stories of the mysterious unknown. 

There are so many things you can do with your Under the Sea Wunderbox. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. LEARN about the extraordinary under the sea creatures that live in the coral reef. What are their names? What do they like to eat? 
  2. FEEL the water beads. Are they squishy? gooey? how would you describe them? What about the coral and the gems? Are they smooth or bumpy?
  3. FIND the gems. Sort them. Count them. What color’s do you see? Can you scoop them out or do you like to pick them out with your fingers?
  4. WEAVE a story. I once heard a story about a Clown Anemone Fish and his good friend the Blue Tang. Do you know that story?
  5. SING a song. My daughter launches into a rendition of “A Slippery Fish” when she plays in her Wunderbox. Do you know any songs about fish?

How do you like to Wunderbox 'Under the Sea'? We’d love to know.

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