Fun Food - the Ultimate Sensory Experience!

I love the idea of making kids food fun to eat by creating themes and fun shapes.

Food is the ultimate sensory experience.

It has texture, scent, taste, and sound, so why not make it visually appealing as well? Eating is a highly neglected teaching experience. We spend a lot of time worrying about the types of food we are feeding our children, is it healthy? are they getting enough? - that we forget about the experience. What does it taste like? Is it crunchy? Soft? Is it juicy? Briny? My daughter loves to tell me about her food as she eats it. I believe that it invites her to try new things because it is interesting and fun.

I have seen some amazing bentos and artistic spreads but it doesn’t have to be that hard. A simple sandwich cutter that shapes an ordinary PB&J into a flower or a dinosaur is all that you really need. This is my attempt at a dinosaur themed lunch. A Dino ham and cheese sandwich, Dino egg and broccoli trees.

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