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10 Benefits Music can have on your Child

My daughter loves to bang on her drum. Loudly. She loves to play her bells and toot on her recorder. Sometimes it makes me cringe but, one day it could be music to my ears so, so I let her make noise and ask, “wow, have you been practicing?” Here’s why making noise is good...

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Wunderbox - Fairy Garden

Our Fairy Garden Wunderbox sensory bin has fine grain white sand that kids love running their fingers through. It's cool, it's gritty, it's silky. They’ll discover wondrous pink gems, colorful mushrooms, and craggy lavender pebbles hiding inside. Beautiful blossoms are ready to be plucked and enchanting stories are waiting to unfold.

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3 Tips for introverted parents raising an extroverted child

Does watching your child play tire you out? Do you find it exhausting trying to find activities to entertain your child all day? You may be an introvert trying to raise an extrovert. I can relate. My daughter is a classic extrovert. Talkative, sensory-seeking and naturally expressive. My struggle is to balance her need for stimulation and social time and my need for quiet and alone time. Here are 3 tips to bring harmony to your introvert-extrovert, parent-child dynamic. MAKE TIME FOR PLAYDATES - Self play is very healthy for toddlers but for extroverts, being and playing alone for long periods of time tends to bring out petulant behavior. To meet their need for stimulation, they need human engagement and conversation on a...

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